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Ready to wake up Beautiful? Say so long to your daily make up routine and hello to a whole new you!

What to Expect When Getting a Lash Service


  • Arrive without any eye makeup

  • You will be laying down for about 2-3 hours for a full set and 1-1.5 for a fill, so DRESS COMFORTABLY

  • Avoid caffeine before your reservation, as this will make your eyes twitch. There’s no need to stay awake for this process, so go ahead and take a nap!

  • You will have two sets of tweezers by your eyes, so any little movements such as shifting around, rubbing your eye area/face and talking will make the process go slower.

  • Use the bathroom beforehand! You will not be able to open your eyes until the lashes are “cured” with a fan at the END of the process. Opening your eyes may cause a chemical burn.

  • Lashes aren't for everyone! There are several things that may factor into one not being a good candidate:

  1. Frequent eye rubbing

  2. Sensitive skin (extensions are not applied directly to the skin; however allergic reactions are still possible)

  3. Medical Conditions (extensions should not be applied to those undergoing or completing chemotherapy, have severe alopecia, or suffer from trichotillomania or thrichosis)

  4. The number of natural lashes you have determines how many individual lashes may be applied. You typically have between 150-200 lashes per eye which will ultimately affect the overall fullness.

Lash Aftercare/Tips
  • Do NOT get them wet for 24 hours, in that time avoid hot showers since steam can also affect the lash retention.

  • Its normal to lose 1-3 lashes per day- that is just your natural lash cycle.

  • Post-service redness is normal and should dissipate in 1-2 hours.

  • Contacts and eyedrops are OKAY!

  • Its highly advised against using mascara , but eye makeup is okay as long as you cleanse your lashes/eye area gently and thoroughly. Avoid greasy cream makeup.

  • Brush your lashes with a clean spoolie whenever they get tangled but do not tug, cut or remove the lashes yourself.

  • Fill-ins are advised every 2-3 weeks depending on retention.

  • Any oils will break down the glue, causing your lashes to fall out faster. Limit oily products around your eyes but on the rest of the face is okay.

  • Cleanse your lashes 1-2 times per day. If you don’t wear makeup, once at the end of the day is okay.

  • Do NOT brush your lashes when they are wet. Make sure they are dry before you brush a spoolie through them.

  • Try to sleep on your back. If you sleep on one side at night, more shedding will occur on whatever eye is closer to your pillow. Silk pillowcases are a great investment for not only your lashes but your hair and skin!

  • Be careful about heat around your lashes. They can ‘singe’, which can make the lashes lose their curl. (ovens, lighters etc.)